About Perla

Eating delicious sushi at Ra in Tempe, AZ.

What to say? I’ll start off with the basics; with whatever usually goes on paper. I’m a student at ASU majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Justice Studies. I am 21 years old and recently got married to the love of my life this past June. I am the oldest of four. I work in North Phoenix, live in Tempe and go to school both in Tempe and Downtown Phoenix, so I am always driving all over the place. I love to read and gain knowledge. I love doing theater, photography, dance and yoga, although I have been slacking off on all of them. I like to do a lot of volunteer work and I enjoy being active in the community. I’m 5’3″ so I always feel like everyone is taller than me.

Off the paper, I would say I am a philosophical, profound person. I am constantly thinking. I analyze everything which can be either depressing or fulfilling. I sometimes have a strong dislike for society which encourages me to connect with people more on a personal level. I am a very caring person which is a bittersweet trait. I try to take everything in a positive way. Worrying never helps, although I do it a lot. I am always trying to find ways to be more spiritually inclined with God, myself, and others. I am constantly thinking of my identity. What it is, how I define it, how others try to put me in boxes, how I put myself in boxes, etc. I enjoy good food, good coffee and a good conversation. I think if the world were to have more dialogue rather than debate, people would be more connected.


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