Where It All Began

I’ve bombarded you with all this health information which was not my out loud intended use for this blog. I said I intended to focus this blog on the food industry and its faulty practices. However, when you become aware of the food industry’s flaws you tend to become more aware of your health so you can at the very least try to make some ethical decisions about what you eat. So, what is it that got me interested in all of this? Well, just about three years ago, I started practicing a vegetarian diet. And the book that inspired me to become a vegetarian is Skinny Bitch.

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Yes, the title is pretty condescending, and trust me, when I first picked up the book at Borders, I did not have a pleasing look on my face. I thought it was some kind of superficial, wishing you were anorexic skinny type of book. I didn’t even think of purchasing the book. I wanted to look into it to find out why they had such a blunt and superficial title. Well, as soon as started reading through, I could not put the 224 page book down! It talked about ACTUALLY eating healthy with legitimate nutrition information. No fake diets. The whole book actually focuses on going vegan! Yes, vegan! And they tell you everything that would make you want to go vegan, like the malpractices of the food industry and other interesting facts on how dairy and animal food affects our bodies.

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The book is an easy read, with witty, blunt comments used to keep it real about the food industry and to encourage people to start eating healthy. Toward the end of the book, they admit that sometimes it’s okay to eat sweets and other goodies so they provide a list of their vegan favorites.

Whether you’re planning on losing weight or going vegetarian or vegan or not, I highly recommend this book. They provide information that’s really good to know about and it’s dirt cheap on Amazon, $15 in stores.

They’ve also recently came out with cookbooks, going vegan for pregnant women, and Skinny Bastard, the male version on Skinny Bitch. If you buy one of these books for a friend, you might just get company for this new change.

Now, I will mention there are many criticisms for this book like the title, and how they talk about things, etc. but I suggest for you to simply take the book for what it is because they do offer a lot of good advise and provoke thinking. And of course, do more of your own research on vegetarianism, veganism, and the food industry, that way you’ll be more knowledgeable and perhaps inspired to make a change in your health and lifestyle.

This is a video that talks about Skinny Bitch and their new book Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

This is a video from G Living with an interview with Rory Freeman, one of the authors. She gives good insight on common questions about health and the vegan lifestyle.

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