No Longer a Secret!

There is an amazing co-operative food organization in the valley called Bountiful Baskets.

I have actually purchased a basket from this organization before, but thanks to a blogger who recommended it on my blog, I figured I should tell people about it and not keep this amazing little secret to myself any longer.

According to their website, “BBFC [Bountiful Baskets Food Co-Op] is a group of people who work together for mutual benefit. This is a grassroots, all volunteer, no contracts, no catch co-operative.”

What this organization does is purchases locally grown fruits and vegetables in bulk from a local farmer. One benefit of this is that you get your produce fresh! (It will not have been sitting on shelves at grocery stores for days). And since you are not selecting the produce yourself, you get to learn how to cook with produce you may have not used before. Another benefit is that it’s cheap! Because the organization does not make any profit from this and is only based on volunteers, the two only official BBFC coordinators, Sally and Tanya, are able to buy produce at rock bottom prices.

The typical basket is $15. It usually consists of 50% fruit, and 50% vegetables. They also offer an organic basket for $25, which means you get produce that’s in season without extreme fertilizers. And for another $10, you can purchase five loafs of 9 grain bread or 2 baskets of granola.

So the way this whole thing works is by registering online. You can get new participant information and step by step instructions on their page.

Beginning on Tuesdays at 9 am, you can place an order for your basket by paying with your credit or debit card. There are different locations you can pick up your basket from, so just click on whatever site is closest to you to have your order ready there. The ordering time ends on Wednesday at 10pm.

On Saturday morning, depending what your site’s pick up time is, go to the location with your contribution confirmation, or receipt, to pick up your fruits and veggies. And you actually don’t get a basket. They separate the produce for each individual, so make sure to take something to carry your produce in, like a laundry basket or a box. If you have any questions while you’re there, you can ask the volunteers that are distributing the produce.

Another great thing about this co-op is that they have a produce storage information page where you can look up how to properly store an item you may not be familiar with.

Luckily, this food co-op is not only in Arizona. They are in many other states as well, like California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. So tell your friends and family all about it! They’ll get healthy food for cheap! Who would want to turn that down?!

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2 Responses to No Longer a Secret!

  1. lzellmer says:

    That was a really interesting entry! I’ve been wanting to learn more about farmer’s markets and things like this so your entry was really helpful. I would love to try this out! It’s also really great that it’s pretty inexpensive because sometimes grocery store prices are a little much for us poor college students.

    • Perla F says:

      Yes. Grocery shopping can get very expensive for us college students. This co-op is a big savings. My basket of fruits and vegetables usually lasts me about two weeks, so for $15 bucks, it’s not bad at all. Beats eating out. And I always feel healthier eating my own meals too.

      I’m glad I could help. And feel free to pass the information on to other students. Maybe, if we get enough people interested, we can get volunteers to set up a pick up site at ASU. That would be even more convenient. 🙂

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