ASU Informing Students About Food

“Much Ado About Food” is ASU’s West Campus theme for this school year. This was reported in an article featured in the State Press, Arizona State University’s newspaper, on Wednesday, September first.

Having a theme is something new to the campus but the idea was based off of a summer reading requirement for freshman, “In Defense of Food,” as reported in the State Press. The school theme will involve discussions, presentations, weekly films and discussion events along with guest speakers.

The campus faculty will also be holding events where they will teach students how to make simple, healthy recipes.

This theme is geared toward encouraging students and faculty to interact on how to have healthier diets and lifestyles and discuss on making improvements on issues such as obesity or other health related problems, according to the State Press.

I think this is a great idea and other schools and campus should take on that aspect of having a school theme. In this case, the theme deals with people’s health and as we know students’ health severely affects their schoolwork and how they participate in class. If students do not have energy because they have not eaten properly, then it can really take a toll on their focus in school.

By eating healthier, students may also prevent themselves from getting sick and missing school.

Not only that, but students get a chance to engage in professional work that exposes the food industry to improper or unethical decisions. It’s a good way to get informed. ASU’s west campus is also allowing non-student residents from the community to go to events on campus so they may also become aware and get worthy information about food.

This is a great way to get the community involved and informed and put student’s resources and practices to use. Whether it’s by networking, becoming informed or simply having a better lifestyle change, this campus theme idea can be very effective.

For more information and details on the story and the campus theme, visit West Students Engage in Food Education.

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2 Responses to ASU Informing Students About Food

  1. duartemedia says:

    Great post! I just wonder how much ASU students care about what they eat these days. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to get students thinking about what they eat sooner than later. In my house we get our fruit & veggies from they have pick-up locations all over and offer organic and conventional produce at great prices.Check them out is a very interesting coop system.

    • Perla F says:

      Thanks! I get my fruit and vegetables from bountiful baskets too! The variety and amount they give you is great. And I like that it’s healthier and local.

      And hopefully, ASU students do care about what they eat. I know many of them don’t. I think if we help inform each other about the food industry and better ways to eat, we can positively influence each other.

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