A Look Into What We’re Getting Into

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Food is something everyone has in common. We need it to survive. However, in a country where food is abundant, not only is food a necessity, but it is also a commodity. There are many different avenues to get food like a corporate grocery store, a local grocery store, a farmer’s market, a fast food restaurant, or an upscale restaurant to enjoy a night out. Food, however, can be expensive. People, as well as corporations, are looking for newer and cheaper ways to get food. And unfortunately that comes with a price, and not just a monetary price. Much of our food and eating habits have been trashed by businesses who want to gain more profit; their business goals tend to overlook people’s health.

I’ve started this blog as a way to continue my passion to seek for the goodness in food. Two and a half years ago, I decided to follow a vegetarian diet, after reading an amazing book that inspired me to seek the truth about the food I’ve been eating. Since then, I’ve become very interested in the food industry and how to eat healthier. I try to do a lot of research on food and the food industry since they, and the many corporations that pump money into them, try to keep us misinformed with what we should know in order to have long healthy lives.

With this blog, I will seek and then present information that can be useful to everyone. Whether by simply keeping you all informed about interesting topics or important issues, or sharing something that you can apply to your life, I want to share what I learn from my personal good food search. Hopefully this blog can motivate you to question your food resources and help you develop healthier eating habits. With the proper nutrients and support from each other, we can get the energy to keep on going in our busy lives.

Down below is a trailer for a documentary called Food Matters. It is a glimpse of the kind of topics I will touch on through this blog. Enjoy and as my fellow friends and family say in Spanish when we toast for good health, Salud!

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  1. Looks so professional! Really organized and easy to read. Pleasant to the eye 🙂

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